Here is the Word that I has this morning.

 Behold, behold, your prayers have like a sword pierced a second window into heaven.  And the floodgates have burst open.  I see the mighty warriors of the Lord flowing out of the heavens.  They have been dispatched to do battle.  The victory cry has been sounded over this region as the Lord has dispatched His warriors.  It is a victory cry for the unsaved and the lost.  It is a warrior cry to do battle over the beloved of the Lord.

I see warrior angels flowing out of the new hole in heaven.  It is over the north east waters at the end of Vancouver Island.  They are flowing to the north over the coast and to the south, down Vancouver Island.  They are riding the wings of of angels and the golden chariots of the Lord.  They come with a fish of golden light piercing the darkness

The fist hole gave you access to the throne room of the Lord; this hole is to release the mighty warrior host over this region.  Thus says the Lord

Your Co-Labourer in Christ, Caleb

My Love for you overflows and I am so deeply pleased at the things that you have done out of love for Me.   I have seen the many times that you have laid down your wants and desires to meet the needs of others and I am multiplying it back to you in the ways that truly matter.  Always remember that the true treasures are the people that I send to you, receive them and know that they are my gifts to you.  You know that I have also sent many to walk beside you, care for them also and they will care for, and be part of the team that will uphold you and the things that I give you to do.  Do not grow faint for I Am with you and I will uphold you.  I command strength to My people and I command strength to you every day.  Now rejoice in Me always and you will be refreshed.  It is my delight to tell you that you will see many days of deliverance, times of new things that you have not expected, you will come around a corner and see things that will amaze you , they are from Me.  I have sent them and I had you in mind as I prepared them.  So walk with great joy my son, know hat you are perfectly in My will and I will provide all that you need.  Do not Brisol at anything.  Know that I can take everything and make it work for good, step up in faith and see how I will bring great change.  Your city will shine and the Face of the Lord shines on it.  Rejoice and be blessed, we will do this together, Amen.


I have been looking up a lot more than usual lately.  I have always appreciated the beauty of the skies, and he ever changing canvas.  Sometimes I’m sure our Creator has painted something just for my pleasure.  Something happened the other night that caused me to stop and pay attention.  I’ll tell you what I saw first, and then what my heart heard.  We sat down to dinner–it had been a good day, but very busy, and it was one of those time you just go aaah.  The sky was kind of dark, and very interesting.  As I looked out across the water between mouthfuls of food,  I saw something I’ve never even heard of.  It was a rainbow, only it was not a bow, it was a pillar, and it was not from the sun, it was from the moon!  Of course we all got a good look at it, and within 5 minutes it was gone.  The sky continued to express the beauty and majesty of God, where even Evan was getting out of his chair and making favourable comments about the colours and hues it cast.  I was pretty sure God was trying to say something, and so I listened, but it didn’t come all at once, it was a drawn out (in a good way) message that I just feel I ant to share.  First off I did google this strange phenomenon, and as it turns out there is such a thing.  They are called ‘moon bows’ and they appear very rarely as a number of conditions have to be just right for it to happen.  They do however appear as bows and this was distinctly a pillar.  

The message:

There are things that exist that have always existed, but have remained hidden.  Until, by the will and and pleasure of God, they are revealed when the timing and conditions are precisely right.  The mysteries of God area barely tapped–we have barely scratched the surface of a vast treasury of wonders and delights yet to be discovered.  I can just see the delightful anticipation on the Fathers face as He prepares to reveal wonders that will leave us utterly speechless in awe of Him.  the conditions are becoming ripe for His glory and wonder to be revealed–His light cast in our hearts at just the right angle, our hearts turned to His at the precise number of degrees, His rain falling in exactly the right direction–I am excited…

Blessings, Jaye

I saw a river flowing into the church by George’s drums, so I walked into the river, it looked white it was so inviting I walked deeper into the river.  As I walked up the river I noticed the stones I was walking on were white, they were glowing, as the Holy Spirit was leading me to walk further up the river.  I saw angels on both sides of the river, they were magnificent in their glory.  As I walked further up the river I saw something shiny in the stones, I picked one up it was a gold stone, then  I saw the angels dipping their wings into the river and then a gold mist appeared.  It was so cool.  Then the Holy Spirit was coaching me to go further and as I did I noticed the rocks I was walking on were turning to gold..  There were other people and they were also picking up stones and having fun.  I could not stop laughing.  After I got up off the floor, Elmer came over and gave me an encouraging word.