Reaching Out While Reaching Up

Come join us as we do life together

Welcome to “The Bridge” Port Hardy Christian Fellowship’s website.  Just like this website, our church is always changing.  PHCF is a living organism and should you choose to make us your church home, then PHCF will change some more in order to incorporate your character, make up, talents & abilities into our body and family. We believe in loving each other through to victory. We believe it is okay to fail but lets succeed together. 

We want you to feel that when you choose to be a part of PHCF even in a small way you truly feel a part of something.  Beyond God, it’s the people here at PHCF that are truly the strength of this church.  It’s their love and compassion and empathy for each other and for the world around them that makes this church so strong. We truly try to be an outward looking church.  We come together on Sundays and at other times throughout the week, to build each other up and to encourage each other and to celebrate the greatness of God in our lives 24-7.  Where we really excel is when we apply Jesus in our lives in the workplace and school and streets  where we live, work and play.  Then people get to see a real relationship with Jesus being lived out in front of them instead of being preached at them.

We would love to share a cup of coffee and get to know you. 



OUr Vision

To establish in Port Hard a place which will have the resources, both in numbers of people and amount of finances to impact our town, region, province, nation and our world for the Lord Jesus Christ by being a church for restoring, building and releasing

Our Mission

To develop devoted disciples. To find creative and relevant ways to present the good news to every person in Port hardy so they can discover their purpose and find meaning in Christian living. Our initial goal is to see over 4,000 UN-churched people in Port Hardy come to Christ in an ever-maturing relationship with Him.

OUr Purpose

Celebrate the Father; Connect the Family; Coach the Faithful; Care about the less Fortunate; Catch the Falling

The Team

George Ewald, Pastor

Karen Ewald, Co-Pastor

Brent Higgs, Board Member, Audio/video Technician

Gina Hales, Board Member

Judy Ling, Board Member

Darryl Miller, Board Member

Come for a visit or stay for awhile

No matter which ferry you arrive on the island from, whether Victoria or Nanaimo, just head north and keep going until you hit the end of the island. Port Hardy is on the northern tip of Vancouver island and is about a 6 hour drive from Victoria, 4.5 hours from Nanaimo and 2.5 hours from Campbell River. It is a beautiful scenic drive in pretty much all weather.

This is a much quicker option to be sure and you will see amazing views from the air if the weather is clear. It is a 30 minute flight from Vancouver to Port Hardy’s airport, and then a 10 minute drive to our beautiful town.

ferry, boat, watercraft-99054.jpg

If you’re travelling or touring by boat you can’t go wrong. Chances are you’ll see whales, sea lions, porpoises and eagles.

You will find two harbours in town to moor your boat. If you are travelling by ferry, you are about 10 minutes from town. Enjoy your travels here no matter which way you come. See you soon!

Contact Us

Port Hardy Christian Fellowship

Mail:  PO Box #3 Port Hardy BC V0N 2P0

Physical Address: 7025 Market Street