My name is Judy Ling and I have been a part of Port Hardy Christian Fellowship for the past 34 years or so! I moved to Port Hardy in September of 1989 with my three boys to start a new life with Jim Ling who had two girls ! We married in April of 1992 and have have been involved in the church family in Port Hardy on a regular basis for all these wonderful years! We raised all our children in the Christian School that was in the church building and were able to educate them for five years before the government ended the Christian school subsidies! We are so grateful for being able to live in such a wonderful community and a loving church body! Jim has been on the church board for a number of years and I have also had the privilege of being on the board for a number of years! We are so grateful to have George and Karen as our Pastors and the freedom to worship God so freely in our congregation!! The kids have all grown and moved all over the place and we are still going strong serving God to the best of our ability and love being a part of this fellowship!! 

Judy and her husband Jim are the kindest couple you would ever want to meet.  Judy’s heart is HUGE and she has helped others in endless ways, for countless years.   She never misses an opportunity to share the love of Jesus with others.  Her heart is to see people set free and filled with hope for their future, and she knows the only way that can happen is by meeting the King of Kings! There is not greater joy than knowing God’s Love.

This wonderful woman of God is  beautiful, funny, kind, hardworking, faithful and so much fun.  She is is truly a daughter of the King of Kings