Karen Ewald

Karen has been co-pastoring at PHCF with her husband, Pastor George since 2004.  While hesitant in her role in the beginning, she has since become a powerhouse, faith-filled believer who is passionately in love with her Lord, “Jesus.”  She believes in the entirety of the Bible and all it contains.  She has experienced signs, wonders and miracles in her own life and been a witness to it in the lives of others.   She loves to worship in all it’s forms, always wanting to bring glory to God

Word of God

The Word of God is my food, without it I would starve.  Jesus is my example to follow in all things, but how could I follow Him if I didn’t know what He was saying.  When I read the Word of God, I grow and flourish.  His truths are fuel for my soul and a light to my path.  When I am about to do something, I ask myself, “Would Jesus do this?”.  If He wouldn’t…then I try not to either.  Am I perfect…not a chance…I mess up daily, but I also continue to grow daily! I’m so thankful for the Word of God.


Worship for me is far more than singing a song.  When I worship, my eyes and heart are focused only on God.  Whether I am in a service singing or flagging or whether I am at home alone just spending time with my Lord.  Worship for me is my adoration and love for God and letting Him know daily, hourly, minute by minute, that He is the Love of my life!  Without Him, I am nothing but a wretched soul.


What can I say, our God, the One who created us, loves to have conversations with us.  So, prayer for me, is a conversation with the One I love!  I talk to Him and He talks to me…If I’m listening.  I feel like some people pray only when they need something, but I would much rather have a conversation.  Do I tell God about my needs, yes.  Do I tell Him how much I love Him, yes.  Do I ask for direction when I don’t know what to do, yes.  I just talk to Him about everything.  I know that He loves to hear from me.  How do you pray?

While Karen loves the Lord her God with all her heart, she is also a down to earth kind of gal.  Married now for 44 years, and in love with the man she married! She is a wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.   She loves her family and her friends and enjoys just hanging out with them.  In her spare time (when she has some) you could find her out on a leisurely hike with her camera or at home working on her digital art at which she has become quite proficient.  

Speed puzzle champs

Creativity Hour

Family outing-My loved ones are my joy!

Friends…Life would be boring without them

Thrift store dream date

The many face of Karen

If you’d ever like to say hello to Karen or ask a question you can reach her via email: oneislandgirl00@gmail.com or get a hold of her on Facebook (below). Also if you like, you can check out her artwork in the (link below)