Pastor George Ewald

George has been Lead Pastor at PHCF since 2004.  Before that he was youth pastor for 6 years.    He has a passionate desire to see the church body, as a whole, filled with the love of God so that there is harmony and unity flowing among brothers and sisters.  

Out of perfect love flows a pure stream of ministry that is uncorrupted by pride or selfishness that has at its core, a love so pure and humble, that it will always champion others.  A love that always believes in, exalts and encourages another for greatness over ourselves.  

We are called to be world shapers.  To declare destiny over individuals, church’s and ministries, regions and governments.  


Worship is a key in our walk of faith. Worship of God is not limited to music or songs although that can be an amazing vehicle to stir our hearts towards God. Psalms does say we are to be singing songs of Joy and offering shouts of praise!  Worship is referred to in scripture in a number of ways. We are to worship him in the Spirit of holiness and with a spirit of gladness. We are to worship him in Spirit and in truth. We are to worship him offering our bodies as living sacrifices. And the list goes on. When we realize that the God of all creation sent his son to redeem the entire world and personally, you and I, while we were still sinners then I say that is worship worthy!


Prayer is not simply a wish list of things needed & desired or prayer requests. Prayer ultimately is two way conversation with God.  He speaks to us audibly, although that is usually the least used way for most. He speaks through his word with confirmations. He speaks to us internally by Holy Spirit. A knowing if you will. He speaks through others of his followers again by Holy Spirit. I love the saying, “God gave us two ears and one mouth so we should spend twice as much time listening as we do talking.” That goes with our human friends but also with God. We are to meditate on His word. I love what my nephew, who plays in a rock band, said. He would go for a walk and on the way out he would talk to God and on the way back he would listen. I talk to him as a friend and truly as a father. I have had back and forth conversations with him as i have walked down a beach or when I am going through something. We also believe that prayer changes everything and anything. We are inviting this supernatural all powerful and all knowing God into the situation or circumstance we are dealing with. The God for whom “all things are possible!” 

Word of God

The word of God is foundation to our faith! It is what everything else hinges on. Without it we cannot know God, his ways or attributes. We are a Spirit filled church and we love the moving of the Spirit of God and his presence but that all has to have its foundation on what the word says. We believe the Scripture was written by men as the Spirit of God dictated it to them. We declare it inerrant, at its heart. Can man in translation of the word of God be inerrant? Of course, but we believe when led by theSpirit of God, the word and its truth, come alive.  

The Many Faces of Pastor George.

If you’d ever like to say hello to pastor George or ask a question you can reach him via email:; via Facebook (link below) or give him a call at 250-230-0106.