A Lion of Judah roar over our town. Just as Charlie finished sharing he felt led to do a lion of Judah roar over this town. The roar lasted 15-20 minutes. God orchestrated it that as we began one lady came up and sensed we needed to open the doors. Another lady came with a word that we were the procession leading the king in to the town on a road covered in roses and palm fronds. 3 of us jumped on the djembes and Sammy was already on the drum kit with Charlie leading the roar. The rythym of heaven again erupted and the crowd was relentless. They took it outside and were dancing in the parking lot with flags and blowing the shofar. It was glorious as there were lots of kids there, youth as well and then right on up to seniors. All of us were dancing and shouting and did not want to stop. We wanted to see a shift! No more going back to what has been.