Tuesday Night Prayer

Tuesday night prayer has been an integral part of Port Hardy Christian Fellowship for years and years. We believe prayer has the power to change circumstances, bring healing and heath to the entire body of Christ as well as the needed direction for us to go, and do, what God desires. It's as important to us as breathing. Prayer is interceding on behalf of the needs our family, friends, community, province and country. There is no power for God's people without prayer. Our hearts are to see God's hand move powerfully over this land, to see the lost come into relationship with Jesus and to see lives set free forever. Come and join us as we spend time in the Presence of God and seek HIs Will in all matters great and small. God gives us everything we need, so we need to find out what that is.  We also need go give him our praise for every moment of our daily lives, no matter what our circumstance are because He is well aware of them, and will always be with us.

Come and join us as believers gather together to intercede for our town, island, province, country and beyond.  

There is POWER in PRAYER!!


Even the youngest can pray and see God move!

I love that they same Holy Spirit within us resides in our children. They have the same ability as adults and we like to teach them that they are just as important in the body of Christ and God will use them if they said yes.  

Sharon Lee's Testimony

Hey guys, Sharon here This may be hard to believe, but Tuesday, (November 2, 2010) God healed my back. You all know how much time and money I've spent on Chiropractors - Mom can attest to that. For any of you who don't know, when I was 20 I injured my back though a weekend of intense physical activity - a lot of heavy lifting, chopping wood, and a four-hour horse ride. Since then I've gone to the chiropractor in Maple Ridge, and then when I couldn't afford to keep going, stopped. I put out my back in 2008 when I was in White Rock, and again shortly after I moved to Port Hardy. We've been having a 9-day conference focusing on healing, miracles, God's power and stuff.




Here at Port Hardy Christian Fellowship we have many ministries geared at ministering to the lost and lonely.  It is a huge undertaking and we would like to thank you for partnering with us both financially and prayerfully.  May God richly bless you!!

Ways to Give

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