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George and Karen Ewald

Senior Pastors

Pastors George and Karen Ewald have been the pastors of Port hardy Christian Fellowship for 14 years. They were brought up through the church that has been their church home for some 27 years. George had served on the board and was the youth pastor for almost 5 years before going on the road as an evangelist that saw he and Karen travel across Canada. George also has been an itinerant speaker at churches and has been a conference speaker as well.

Karen never saw herself as a pastor or speaker or anything in the public eye of ministry. That all ended with a couple of supernatural Holy Spirit encounters that had her preaching under the anointing and she has never looked back. She burns with passion to bring the gospel to the church and beyond.

George and Karen both believe in the fullness of Holy Spirit being necessary to fulfill the calling on their lives. The love of God expressed in Jesus is the message they carry but as Paul says they do not come with the empty words of man but in the power of the Holy Spirit. They simply believe the whole book and want to see all of it released today.

Sharon Lee

Associate Pastor /Worship Pastor

Sharon is originally from the Lower Mainland, she moved to Port Hardy in 2009 to pursue the call of God on her life and to find the deeper things God promised her! After eight years as PHCF’s Youth Pastor, she has transitioned to head up the worship department.  She is a worship leader with a call to prophetic intercession and has a heart to exhort people to rise up into what God wants to release in their lives, in Port Hardy, and beyond.

When she is not part of the worship team on Sundays, you can find her hanging out with her roommates, cooking a great meal, or out hiking with her black Lab Lyric!


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Darrell Arkell

Children's Pastor

Darrell joined our staff recently and has a huge love for God.  He has been a Christian for 8 years.  Went to summit pacific bible college and took a two-year program there called, “Romer”.  For recreation, he loves playing sports and hanging out with friends.   He knows that God has called him to work with young people and actually received this call on his life when he attended “History Maker 2010” and from then on, has been working with kids, youth and young adults and he LOVES IT!  He is a young man with a huge heart,  someone who loves helping people and if he sees a need then he’ll do his best to  find a way to help.  He thinks he’s a funny guy and that’s because he actually is, and the more he gets to know you and you get to know him,  the more you’ll see of that side of him, he can’t help himself it just spills over into his work.   He loves making new friends, so if you see him just say hi and he’s guaranteed to say hi back.   On a side note, if you have a good dad joke make sure you tell him, he’ll  laugh and then try to make you laugh right back.


Here at Port Hardy Christian Fellowship we have many ministries geared at ministering to the lost and lonely.  It is a huge undertaking and we would like to thank you for partnering with us both financially and prayerfully.  May God richly bless you!!

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