Your Freedom

Freedom Session is a powerful journey, inviting you to rewrite your story with a God-inspired ending.

Freedom Session deals with relational breakdown, despair, sexual abuse trauma, unhealthy habits, food/substance/sexual addiction, fear, perfectionism, guilt, shame and more.

Through biblical teaching, small group discussion and personal reflection, Jeus will heal your heart and empower you to live a life of freedom and purpose

Freedom Session can be one of your most life transforming experiences. 

Are you Ready to be heard, feel loved and find healing?

Freedom Session is a 28 week journey that we would love to have join us for. Freedom Session will be held on TBA starting TBA, I

Please note that there are three different workbooks that will need to be purchased to participate in Freedom Session.

  • Foundations 1: Facing the Truth
  • Foundations 2: Finding Freedom
  • Authentic Living

    You will be able to purchase each buck from the Church at $15 per workbook.
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